Coin Submission

Get Your Coins Professionally Graded!

We send coins to the following 4 companies for grading - Come in for a price list and more detailed explanation of the process

P.C.G.S (Professional Coin grading Service) is revered as one of the best and most respected grading companies. Their encapsulated coins also tend to catch the highest premiums at auctions and private sales. This grading company will grade all U.S. and a large selection of World coins. They have started holdering problem coins that are genuine too. They will not assign a grade to it but they will encapsulate it and mark it "GENUINE". If you prefer to not have your problem coins encapsulated you can request they not be.
: PCGS now offers secure plus grading for an additional charge. In addition to allowing you to have your coins graded for a + designation if they qualify - PCGS now keeps a "dna" record of each coin it grades on file (thanks to new laser technology). This increases the security of each coin graded.

N.G.C (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) is also well respected and some argue they are more strict with their grading than P.C.G.S. For this reason, they are one of the best and most popular grading companies alongside of PCGS. Their rates are also very similar. N.G.C will now encapsulated problem coins; they will assign a grade range (not a specific number) and state the most prominent problem the coin has on the holder(they wont necessarily outline multiple problems on the coin). For example, your coin may be an MS64 yet been cleaned - NGC will not assign it as an MS64 cleaned but call it UNC Details: Cleaned. NGC has also recently come out with a new scratch resistant edge-view holder! This allows you to see the edge of the coin both adding to the eye appeal and security of their holder.
NGC Update: NGC is now assigning a + designation to coins at the higher end of a grade. Unlike PCGS, NGC will not be charging extra for this service; each coin sent into NGC will automatically be considered for the plus designation.

ANACS: ANACS, established in 1972 is one of the oldest established grading services available. Their certified coins are not revered as high as PCGS or NGC but we use them as an option because they will grade problem coins to include, scratched, cleaned or other types of damage. Unlike NGC or PCGS, they will assign a specific number grade to problem coins(instead of just the range). If you would like to get your coin(s) graded but are pretty sure they have some type of damage, ANACS may be the way to go.

CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) sets the standard for premium quality for a certified coin. The CAC green label signifies that a certified coin has met Certified Acceptance Corporation's stringent grading standards; they only add their sticker of quality to a coin that has already been professionally graded and encapsulated. If your certified coin has superior qualities for its grade, it may qualify for a CAC sticker which can not only increase its grades acceptance but also fetch a higher premium when sold. They are currently only accepting NGC and PCGS graded coins. They currently still have their introductory rates in effect - call for pricing.

*Please Note: The statements made on this page are our opinions based on our experience and research and may not reflect the opinions of other coin dealers.