We Buy Scrap Gold

What is scrap gold?
Scrap gold is any piece of metal you may have that is part or all gold. We buy scrap gold ranging from 10k-24kt gold. Which is 41.67%-99.9% solid gold. The most common forms of scrap gold we get in are: used and broken jewelry, dental bridges and caps.

What do you do with the scrap gold?
Most of the scrap gold we buy is melted, which is why it does not matter its condition as we are buying it purely for the gold value.

How do you test for gold?
There are several ways you can test for gold; we like to test the old fashioned way, with an acid test. Although a bit more complicated, here is a simple explanation: We make an impression of the piece of gold onto our test stone; we then drip nitric acid onto the surface. If the gold turns brown or disappears it is either lesser than 14 karat or not gold. If the color stays strong it may be gold - further testing may be needed including filing into the piece being tested to make sure it is not heavily gold plated.

Understanding Gold Value

9991.jpgIn the United States the purity of gold is designated by karat. Pure gold is 24k, but, because of its softness, it is often mixed with other metals to make jewelry. The metals added to gold to strengthen it are copper, silver, nickel, and zinc. Although we do have some jewelry available that is 24karat gold, most jewelry is mixed. Jewelry is often marked with the percentage of gold it contains. For example, a 14k stamping would mean that the ring contained 58.33% gold and 41.67% other metals. If the ring was marked 18k, it would contain 75% pure gold and 25% other metals.In Europe gold is stamped according to its fineness. Pure gold is 1000 fine; 18k gold is 75% or 750 fine. Consequently, an 18k ring made in Europe would be stamped 750.

Gold Plated vs. Solid Gold

A lot of unlicensed sellers and online sellers try to confuse the buyer by omitting whether or not the jewelry they have for sale is solid gold or gold plated. There is a big difference between the two and you should be aware of the discrepancy in price when buying either of the two. Gold plated simply means the outer layer of the item is mixed with gold and the main, inner part of the item, does not contain any gold but instead, some other mixture of metals. Solid gold means that the entire piece that you are buying is made with a percentage of gold. If an online jewelry store is selling "14k gold rings" at phenomenal prices it is most likely because the jewelry is only gold plated. If they do not state it is solid gold, then it is most likely only gold plated and worth a fraction of the value.

What type of gold jewelry do you sell?
All of the gold jewelry we sell is a mix of 100% solid gold ranging from 10 karat to 24 karat gold. Click on our jewelry tab to learn more.