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Welcome to the

El Cerrito Coin Exchange 

El Cerrito Coin Exchange has been operating as a family business since 2006; previously known as Ron's Coins and owned by Ron Groszmann since the 1980s, Ron sold the Shop to his good friend John who worked with him often  and had  a passion for all things coins. John changed the name in 2006 and quickly therafter, his brothers Phil, Mark and daughter Monique began to help out in the business. We sadly lost John in 2015 but his brothers, Monique and other daughter Michelle, came in to help out, continuing the same great service that John modeled.  John was known mostly for his kind spirit, fair prices and great sense of humor. We regularly get customers in that have a great story of him and we love it when people share. We unfortunately also lost Mark, his brother, in July of this year and have created a 

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